Offering a broad range of HR consulting services.


GoToHR provides affordable HR support and expertise for businesses of all sizes that either need extra help with HR projects, or do not have an HR professional. We truly believe that your people are your most valuable asset and ensuring that you hire and retain the right people will maximize success.  Think for a moment about your business and how you could benefit if your people were more motivated, managers were able to more effectively manage and engage their whole team, you had lower turnover rates and were able to grow the talent in your organization. GoToHR is here to bring expertise and support to businesses like yours and help with issues like these.  Whether you need assistance with HR processes, recruiting, job descriptions, employee relations, talent management, updating employee handbooks and policies, or expanding your business, we are here to help.  We offer affordable, expertise and will partner with you for short term assistance or ongoing HR support.  We customize our service to best meet the needs of each client.
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