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Evaluate Your Needs

Take a look through the following questions.  If your answer is “no” to any of these, we would love to talk with you about how we can help you improve  your organization’s results. Contact us at

Do you have a comprehensive HR strategy for your business that aligns with your business and financial goals?

Do you have clearly defined job descriptions, and well created pay structures?

Do you have a solid staffing plan including an effective interviewing and selection process?

Is your turnover rate as low as you would like it to be?

Do you have an effective employee on-boarding process and training programs?

Do you have clear HR policies and procedures in place?

Are your employees highly engaged and motivated?

Do you effectively manage the performance of your employees, and do you have a system for ensuring good coaching and feedback of employees?

Do you have well trained and effective supervisors?

Do your supervisors know how to diagnose employee performance issues, and take corrective actions?

Do your supervisors know how to effectively deal with difficult performance or behavioral issues?

Are your supervisors versed in and compliant with state and federal labor laws?

Do your HR folks and supervisors know how to identify and manage potential workplace violence threats?

Do you have succession plans in place for all of your key roles with candidates under development for each of them?

If your organization is facing significant changes, do you have the expertise to successfully manage the changes?

Do you feel like your organization is leveraging HR to the fullest possible extent?

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