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Our work for others


Business Need: HR Assessment and Interim Executive Support for a Large Non-profit

What we did:

  • Provided immediate backfill of EDO role after departure of incumbent

  • Facilitated change management during tumultuous period surrounding EDO departure
  • Completed a comprehensive assessment of business operations and HR, and provided the board with a prioritized list of recommended actions
  • With board support, worked to implement a broad range of changes to business operations and HR policies and procedures over a 12 month period that resulted in a much improved operation and organization.
  • Deliverables included, new employee handbook, outsourced payroll, improved benefits, and correction of several compliance and procedural issues with the 403(b) and other critical HR systems
  • Drove the redesign of the organizational structure and developed succession plans for key roles

 The Result:                     

  • Reduced personnel costs, improved insurance offerings and higher employee morale

  • Significantly improved operational efficiency

  • More integrated operations across the organization with clarity of purpose


Business need: HR Assessment and Build Out for a Rapidly Expanding Start-up Company

What we did:

  •  Worked with CEO and senior management team to understand business model, growth strategy, and business plan
  • Did multiple site visits to assess and understand business operations and conduct a comprehensive HR Assessment
  • Provided recommendations and a prioritized project plan to close all identified gaps
  • Worked to close priority gaps, and served as the temporary HR leader until the organization grew large enough to hire a permanent full time HR leader
  • Created organizational design for corporate management and each location including job structure, position descriptions, and staffing timelines to present to the board of directors
  • Reviewed compensation and benefits, HR policies, and HR processes, making changes where needed
  • Developed  a recruiting profile and hiring sequence for all key management positions 

The result

The Organization was ready to successfully execute its expansion plans as soon as equity capital was raised


Business need: Create Career Paths, and Development Plans for a Medium Sized Manufacturing Affiliate   


What we did: 

  • Developed a Capability Matrix for all leadership positions
  • Created a Gap Analysis process to assess incumbents in all leadership positions
  • Designed and implemented a Development Plan that is now used by all employees
  • Next steps will include: Career Paths, Talent Assessment, and Succession Plans


The result:    

  • All employees have a development plan in place
  • Supervisors are discussing development and career plans with employees
  • The foundation is laid for succession planning for key roles







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